Our Vision

We aim to assist the individual in developing an integral life practice that includes physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing, and a life that respects the environment in all of its manifestations.

This brief statement is based on the following assumptions:

  • We facilitate the individual’s own innate potential for healing and alignment with the flow of life.
  • An integral understanding includes all aspects of life, in their inner and outer, individual and collective manifestations
  • The individual person is unique, and needs to have his or her boundaries respected. At the same time we all exist in relationships and the quality of our life is defined by the quality of these relationships.
  • Good contact is based on the appreciation of differences.
  • Well-being is not just absence of illness, but a sense of having our basic needs met, including the need for growth and contribution.
  • It is important to take care of our physical body, and develop our cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual intelligence. To experience fulfilment, we need a sense of connectedness with “the greater whole,” in whatever way this is realized, beyond personal boundaries and across gender, race, religion and social status.
  • We make a distinction between spirituality and religion. By spirituality we are not referring to an abstract belief system, but to a personal experience, the sense of connectedness mentioned above. Religion can be looked upon as an attempt to institutionalize spirituality.
  • Our environment represents the “not me.” As we grow, we will realize that the environment in this sense becomes smaller and smaller, and is replaced by a sense of “I am all that.” From this experience follows a deeper ecological understanding and a heightened personal and global responsibility based on gratitude and compassion.