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Biography – Susanne Andrés

Susanne Andrés has more than 25 years of clinical experience working in personal development, and is trained as a body-oriented therapist, coach and expert in stress and trauma management. Other practice areas include couples therapy, leadership training & team building, Holotropic Breathwork, TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises), bioenergetics, transpersonal psychology and psychodrama.

Susanne is the administrative director, teacher and supervisor at Psychotherapeutic Center/ Holoworld Consult, Holoworld Consult, a company dedicated to promoting personal and relational development, now with bases in Copenhagen and Northern Jutland, Denmark, as well as the Findhorn Community in Scotland. She leads courses and workshops worldwide. Susanne acts as a senior trainer and supervisor at GIS (The Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia), and has been a staff member of Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT) participating in training modules and events internationally since 1997.

Graduated as a gestalt therapist from the Psychotherapeutic Center in 1994, and from The Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia in 1996, and followed on with an advanced leadership program (PMI: Personal Management Institute, Denmark). She became certified facilitator in Holotropic Breathwork in 1997 and received a bachelor in Psychology (PD in Psychology) from The Danish University of Education in 2003. Susanne has participated in ongoing courses with Tony Robbins in coaching strategies since 2004, and in Oneness Process Training Level 1 (2008) & 2 and trainer level (2010) at the Oneness University in Fiji and in India.
Susanne certified as a trainer in TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) in 2008, and is supervised by the founder of this program, Dr. David Berceli.

Susanne is a member of the Danish Psychotherapy Association, Gestalt Therapy Forum, and Association of Holotropic Breathwork International. She is also a representative and contact person (Resource Person) for the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland. Susanne was born in 1960, and lives in Scotland with her husband Ole Ry, when not in their country of origin, Denmark, or elsewhere in the world.


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