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Biography – Ole Ry

Based on more than 40 years in the health sector, I have an extensive clinical experience within psychiatry, psychotherapy, education and counseling. I became a medical doctor in 1973 and in 1981 specialized in psychiatry. I left the hospital sector in 1987 to found Psychotherapeutic Center (later Holoworld Consult) a treatment and education facility in North Jutland, with assignments locally and globally. The facility was founded in recognition that the traditional treatment view was too limiting, not considering our holistic nature. For many years, our core activity was a four-year psychotherapy training, supplemented with holotropic breathwork and later stress and trauma management. Parallel with this, I have taught at the Department for Music Therapy at Aalborg University, have been a psychiatric consultant for the state administration as well as Falck Healthcare and several municipalities. I have taught and supervised at several psychotherapy programs, and been on the teaching staff at Grof Transpersonal Training. Geographically, in addition to Denmark, I have worked in the rest of Scandinavia, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Estonia, Croatia, Slovenia, England, Scotland, Spain, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Dubai, India, Australia, Fiji, Mexico, USA and Iraq.

For 22 years, I worked closely with my partner Susanne Andrés, whom I lost in 2015.

The last 5 years my time has been shared between Findhorn Foundation & Community in Scotland and Copenhagen, as well as having had many travel activities. In 2017, the center in North Jutland was sold.
From the many years of experience in many contexts and cultures, I have concluded that when we aim at supporting others we need the best tools to cope with the challenges of existence. However, the tools alone are not enough. Equally important is the art of mastering the tools with excellence. This includes knowing the landscape where we are situated, based on profound personal experience, and being equally open to the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of existence.

Detailed CV can be obtained.


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